About Thalatha

We are designers from Sinaloa, México who crossed paths in Mexico City.

After years of friendship we discovered that we had a common desire: to portray our feelings and materialize our concepts into a jewelry collection.

Our goal is to create connections through our designs between our pieces and our clients. We focus on the aesthetics of our pieces, but at the same time we strive to create an amulet.

Thalatha means three in Arab, number of the wise, of the reason and the flexible ideas.

                                             --"Thalatha is a reflection of our lifestyle, interpretation of life and positivism"

Each piece is carefully hand made in Mexico City by Mexican craftsmen who create the jewelry using local materials and traditional techniques.

The materials we use are an alloy of gold and cooper, german silver, brass and .925 silver, with 22 k gold plated.

Our vision is to raise Mexico´s name through our designs in each piece of jewelry.

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